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Our Approach

Our Approach

To offer the Do It Yourself minded homeowner an inexpensive way to repair the pool mastic around their pool. The stuff that's between the coping stone and your deck, it has a lot of names pool caulk, pool grout, pool mastic and so on. The industry widely chooses to use Deck-o-Seal mainly because the single major swimming pool wholesaler SCP only carries Deck-o-Seal in their inventory. Deck-o-Seal also is very difficult to work with it has a fast pot time. Which means it sets up very fast and the hotter it is the faster it sets up. Generally speaking, you NEVER use 100% of the 96oz you purchased. With that being said it's NOT the only game in town

Our Story

Our Story

In 2009 I started Santastic Pool Mastic, my first attempt at homeowner pool mastic which was an epic fail, but I licked my wounds and back to the drawing board, by 2011  I had re-formulated it and released  "Gen3" which did quite well but it was still not flexible it would compress so it would work on specific type soils just not all of them. It was based on the idea you could repair it but that really never caught on. So I pressed on to make it last longer and more flexible finally after 8 years I have done it. I have not just one but two types the first SL5 which have to be mixed together part A with part B it comes in Tan or White. The second, SL7 it requires no mixing at all unfortunately it only can be made in gray for now but it goes straight into the applicator bottle since is not mixed with a hardener you're able to use every once you purchase making it very cost effective and extremely easy to use.  I would like to thank you for your time and allowing me to save you money in the end.

Meet the Team

I have done this for 8 years with no help but I always like to credit my dog. As a kid I always wanted a dog on the Nabisco Dog Biscuit box and when I changed the name from Santastic Pool Mastic to Natural Pool Seal an old girlfriend said I should use a seal as a mascot, then it hit me, I can't keep my female Jack Russell out of the swimming pool so she became "The Pool-Seal"


Robert Denman

Founder & President

10 years Navy, now I do web design, customer service, and fill all the orders.

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"The Pool-Seal"

Don't really do much but swim